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Electricity Brightens Afghanistan
Aerial view of the Chimtala Reactive Power Station, Afghanistan’s largest power transmission and distribution station
Improvements in efficiency at the Chimtala Reactive Power Station, Afghanistan’s largest power transmission and distribution station, are lighting up the homes and businesses of ordinary Afghans.
USAID - Afghan partnership maximizes power and stabilizes voltage for better electricity supplies

Access to reliable electricity is crucial to improving the quality of life for the people of Afghanistan and ensuring their country’s economic growth. While power imported from neighboring countries has significantly enhanced electricity services for many urban Afghans in recent years, supplies continue to fluctuate due to losses experienced during transfer.

In order to ensure that the lights go on, advisors from USAID teamed with private Afghan sub-contractors and staff from Afghanistan’s national power utility, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), to test and energize three newly-installed capacitor banks at Afghanistan’s largest sub power station.

The connection of these high-voltage banks at Chimtala, a power transmission and distribution station located at the north boundary of Kabul, has almost doubled the site’s capacity to import power from abroad and provide electricity to industrial, commercial, and private customers. The stabilization of the system’s voltage frees up useful capacity, reduces operating and power transfer losses, and increases the overall cost effectiveness of the station.

While these improvements in efficiency are already lighting up the homes and businesses of ordinary Afghans, efforts to ensure reliable and affordable power for the future continue. In support of the Ministry of Energy, USAID engineers and subcontractors work closely with DABS staff, providing technical classroom training to equip them with the skills to independently manage, operate and maintain important power sites like Chimtala.

It is this self-reliance that will also enable sustainable and maximal electricity provision via Afghanistan’s expanding North-East Power System. With USAID support and the talents of dedicated Afghans, three additional reactive power stations will soon be commissioned. Along with a new national load control and monitoring center, these sites will further illuminate the future of Afghanistan with an affordable and steady power supply.

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