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General Management and Administration
Gardez-Khost Road
Advisor to the Secretariat of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Energy
Roads Operations and Maintenance / Capacity Building
Reactive Power Compensation for North East Power System (NEPS)
National Load Control Center
General Services - IRP Quick Response II
Kandahar Commercialization Advisory
Diesel Thermal Power Plant Operations and Maintenance
Bamyan-Dushi Road Design
Design and Construction of Regak Bridge in Oruzgan Province
Initial Construction of Bamyan-Dushi Road
Tarakhil Power Plant Operations and Maintenance
Reconstruction of the Keshim-Faizabad Road
Kajaki Dam Auxilliary Infrastructure and Supporting Services
General Services - Quick Response for IRP I
The Afghanistan Energy and Information Center
Road from Kajakai Dam to Ring Road
Ghazni to Gardez Road Design
Import of Power from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan
Strategic Provincial Roads in South and East Afghanistan
500/220 kV Substation for the North East Power System
Southern Strategy Road - Segment A
500 kV Transmission Line Design for North East Power System

Bamyan-Dushi Road Design
Existing route of Bamyan-Dushi road.
Aerial view of the Bamyan-Dushi road.
Overview. The objective of this project is to provide a complete roadway and bridge design for National Highway 7 from the city of Bamyan to the city of Dushi, a distance of approximately 152.25 kilometers. The project also includes the design of all necessary causeways, culverts, and retaining walls to ensure that the road is passable during all seasons of the year. All structures are to be designed in accordance with Ministry of Public Works (MPW) Interim Road and Highway Standards and the latest editions of the American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) highway design standards for road geometrics and bridges.

The Ministry of Public Works has categorized the Bamyan-Dushi Road as a national highway. As such, the highway merits a high level of service because of its strategic importance in providing an alternate route for travel between the north and central provinces of Afghanistan. The current road permits traffic to avoid the Salang Tunnel, which subjects all north and southbound traffic to considerable time delays during the winter months, even under the best of conditions.

However, the Bamyan-Dushi road in its present condition is virtually impassable during the winter months, and even during summer poses a very slow and arduous detour. The project will design an asphaltic concrete paved road that will provide a year-round alternative route to the Salang Pass.

When completed, the upgraded Bamyan-Dushi road will increase security by reducing the time to respond to local, regional, or national incidents. It will also facilitate access to social services and provide new regional trade opportunities including agriculture and mining.

Current Activities:

The design phase of this project is complete. See Initial Construction of Bamyan-Dushi Road for information on the construction phase.



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