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List of Videos

Reconstructing the Gardez-Khost Road: Challenge and Impact

Examine the challenge and impact of reconstructing the Gardez-Khost Road in eastern Afghanistan, connecting remote communities with basic services and new opportunities.

Chimtala Reactive Power Station

USAID's efforts to increase affordable and reliable power in Kabul and northern Afghanistan are explored in this video describing the work and impact of a USAID-funded project to procure and install reactors and capacitors at substations in the North East Power System (NEPS).

Keshim to Faizabad Road in Badakshan Province

USAID's Afghanistan Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Program completed reconstruction of the 103 kilometer road that connects Keshim, a district center, with Faizabad, the capital of Badakshan province, in November 2010.

105 MW Tarakhil Power Plant

USAID's Afghanistan Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Program completed construction of the 105 MW Tarakhil Power Plant outside of Kabul in May 2010. The plant provides sustainable and reliable electricity for Kabul residents and businesses.

Public Service Announcements

View public service announcements associated with the On the Road ("Hai Maidan Tai Maidan") Afghan TV program which focus on important road safety issues.

On The Road ("Hai Maidan Tai Maidan"): Preview and Analysis

View commercial advertisements for On the Road, an innovative Afghan national TV program which showcases the diversity of Afghanistan and the progress being made in the country's development.

Download Media Study: Hai Maidan Tai Maidan, a PDF presentation prepared by Wise Strategic Communications, which analyzes the reactions and opinions of Afghan viewers regarding the On the Road TV program.

On The Road ("Hai Maidan Tai Maidan"): Full Episodes

Episode 1: Badakhshan Province
thumbnail image of a man herding his goats in the first episode of On The Road
In the pilot episode, the 22-year-old Afghan host, Mujeeb Arez, explores the social, cultural and historical aspects of Badakshan Provice through face-to-face interviews with community leaders and people in their own local communities.

Episode 2: Kandahar Province I
thumbnail of Mujeeb speaking to an engineer at the Kajaki Dam in the second episode of On the Road
In this episode, host Mujeeb Arez travels to Kandahar Province. He speaks with a farmer from a local pomegranate orchard, explores the local artistic culture and travels to remote Helmand Province to witness the launch of the newly repaired third turbine at the Kajakai Dam power house.

Episode 3: Kandahar Province II
thumbnail of an Afghan man walking his donkey down the road in the third episode of On the Road
In this episode, the tour of Kandahar continues. Viewers take a tour of Kandahar City, watch a football match, and witness the new roads connecting villages in the Arghestan district. In the final scene, host Mujeeb Arez spends an evening with local actors who sing traditional songs.

Episode 4: Panjsheer Province
thumbnail of Afghans celebrating by dancing with their guns in the fourth episode of On the Road
In this episode, host Mujeeb Arez follows local Afghans traveling to Panjsheer Province for a picnic thanks to newly constructed roads. Along the way, he vists a food processing plant run by women, memorials honoring Afghanistan's heroes and learns some of the province's unique customs.

Episode 5: Paktia Province
thumbnail of a road running through the Paktia valley in the fifth episode of On the Road
In this episode, the Gardez to Khost road takes host Mujeeb Arez to Paktia Province where viewers listen to the gathering of a local jirga, learn how one local farmer is reaping the benefits of his apple orchard and how education is contributing to the advancement of local communities.

Episode 6: Balkh Province I
thumbnail of Mujeeb and a power plant manager at a power plant in Paktia in the sixth episode of On the Road
In this episode, many signs of development are featured in Mazar-e-Sharif. Host Mujeeb Arez visits a business training center which promotes entrepreneurship, especially to women. Stops also include Hairatan City, the power station in Naib Abad and a sporting event called “Buzkashi.”

Episode 7: Balkh Province II
thumbnail of camel train in the seventh episode of On the Road
In this episode, host Mujeeb Arez continues his journey in Balkh with a visit to a cotton field, an interview with the director of the Women’s Affairs Department, and a wrestling match. The final stop is teh Shaheen military base where a new park was built for children of families living on the base.

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