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Bridging Problems in Uruzgan 

Building a Road and So Much More 

Engineering the Expertise of Tomorrow 

Electricity Brightens Afghanistan 

A Man for all Roads 

Paving the Road to Afghan Prosperity 

Afghans Build their Nation’s Highways 

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Workers Upgrade Skills and Jobs 

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Presentation Explains the Success of Performance-based Contracting in Afghanistan 

IRP Salutes Jim Myers: Builder of Afghanistan’s Kabul to Kandahar Highway 

Energy Networks Maintain Steady Power in Kabul 

Engineering a Better Future 

Interns Graduate with Practical Skills in Road Construction 

Can-Do Spirit Builds Bridges 

Appreciation Ceremony Honors Power Plant Builders 

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Project Controls Save Time and Money 

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Female Engineer Works for Her People 

Reliable Electricity Improves Kabul Dental School 

Afghan Capacity to Operate and Maintain National Highway System Gains Momentum 

Afghan Officials Negotiate Successful Energy Contract 

Invitation to Pre-Bid Conferences for Operation and Maintenance of Roadways in Paktya and Parwan Provinces 

Kabul to Badakhshan in 12 Hours or Less 

Infrastructure Work Brings Jobs, Stability 

Hard at Work: Young Afghan Women Break the Mold 

A Road for Us 



On 28 January 2008, blasting began on sections of the Keshim-Faizabad Road as part of a USAID-funded project to rehabilitate and reconstruct an important link between two regional centers in northern Afghanistan. Rock must be removed from various sections along the roadway in order for road construction work to begin. This ...more >

The Keshim-Faizabad Road project is rehabilitating and widening an existing road between two regional centers in northern Afghanistan as part of the comprehensive Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Program (IRP) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

To fulfill its objectives, the project must coordinate the acquisition of additional right of way ...more >


As part of its work to rehabilitate turbine Units 2 and 3 of the Kajaki Hydroelectric Power Plant, the USAID-funded Afghanistan Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Program (IRP) has been coordinating the movement of new equipment from the Durai Junction Camp to the Kajaki Dam by helicopter. IRP can not move the equipment ...more >

Kabul, 27 January 2008 - Through a competitive bidding process, IRP recently awarded a subcontract to build and supply the generators for a new 100 MW Power Plant in Kabul. Procurement of the generators is an important step in a USAID funded project that will help expand Afghanistan’s power grid, bringing ...more >

The principle objective of this USAID funded project is to obtain imported power and deliver that power to the load centers of Kabul and the principal cities along the North East Power Sector (NEPS) corridor.

Afghanistan is currently importing small quantities of power from Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. This project proposes ...more >


Each winter season, snow and icy weather create severe and dangerous traveling conditions at a high mountain pass on the Gardez to Khost Road. The unimproved dirt road is the only direct connection between two prominent commercial city centers in Eastern Afghanistan. The road is also a critical route ...more >

Although still in its early stages, construction of the USAID funded Keshim-Faizabad Road is already benefitting members of the communities which lie along its path. Rough grading of the first 56 kilometers of road, consisting of leveling and filling the road to provide a smooth travel surface, has been completed. ...more >

The USAID-funded Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Program (IRP) is conducting an aerial survey of selected secondary roads in south and east Afghanistan. The survey, the first step in a project to rehabilitate and upgrade strategic provincial roads, will also include several sites where new power plants are to be built as well ...more >

The site for a new 100 MW power plant in Kabul has been selected and pre-construction activities have begun. The USAID-funded power plant is expected to begin generating power by the winter of 2008.

Design and construction of the Kabul power plant is part of a comprehensive program under IRP, funded by ...more >


As a part of IRP’s capacity building efforts, the Materials Laboratory Manager has been assisting the Kabul University Department of Civil Engineering to construct their Materials Testing Laboratory. The university students started with very little equipment and no knowledge of how to use the equipment. With IRP's assistance, and the ...more >


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